Dawn on Us

Dawn on Us

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Carolyn Arends

What was he thinking in the starlight?
Did he have time to think at all?
A carpenter his whole life, now he was a midwife
And then the shepherds came to call
When Joseph held the newborn baby
Was the whole meaning still unclear
A man can get so tired, even angel choirs
Just leave a ringing in his ears
Was it all a blur, all too much
Until at last, the sun came up

Did it dawn on him
At the moment when
Morning chased the night away
Did it dawn on him
This was God with him
In the light of Christmas day

Now we put Joseph in the stable
We put the stable on display
A sweet nativity scene, fragments of an old dream
What kind of difference does it make?
But if that baby in the manger
Came to be Light for everyone
Maybe all the darkness, here inside our hearts is
A sign that only he can come
And end at last the tyranny
Of endless night and set us free

Let it dawn on us
Like the morning sun
Let it chase our night away
Let it dawn on us
This is God with us
In the light of Christmas day

© Running Arends Music/ASCAP