Seize the Day and Other Stories (Physical CD)

Seize the Day and Other Stories (Physical CD)

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  • A “best-of” of Carolyn’s first three albums, plus 2 new studio recordings and 5 live-in-concert cuts.
  • Produced by Brown Bannister, Dan Marnien, Brad Crisler, and Carolyn Arends

  • Featured guest artists: Phil Keaggy and Mac Powell (Third Day)

  • 15 Arends originals, plus a cover of “They Will Know We Are Christians”


1. They'll Know We Are Christians 
2. What Love Looks Like
3. Seize the Day
4. New Year's Day
5. The Power of Love
6. Reaching
7. Do What You Do
8. This is the Stuff
9. Happy
10. Father Thy Will Be Done
11. We've Been Waiting For You
12. Seize the Day (Live, featuring Mac Powell)
13. This I Know (Live)
13. There You Are (Live)
14. I Can Hear You
15. Go With God (Live, featuring Phil Keaggy)

Released April 18, 2000