Pollyanna's Attic (Physical CD)

Pollyanna's Attic (Physical CD)

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What a freakin’ great album! Who but Carolyn could write penetratingly from the shadows and loss of our society’s tragic and wayward individualism, and yet leave the listener with a good hope? Carolyn is a master of her craft, she keeps getting better and we are the better for it. – Steve Bell, recording artist

  • 10 Arends’ originals, plus covers of Mark Heard’s “To See Your Face” and Pierce Pettis’ “I’ve Got a Hope”
  • Layton Howerton, Sheree Plett, and Gayle Salmond contribute guest vocals
  • Carolyn calls this her “grumpy” album, but it’s still shot through with hope
  • Juno-nominated
  • Produced by Carolyn Arends and Roy Salmond


1. Just Pretending
2. Something to Give
3. What in the World
4. The Wasteland
5. Land of the Living (Psalm 27:13)
6. To See Your Face
7. Everybody Wants Everything
8. More is Less
9. Free
10. No Trespassing
11. Not Alone
12. I've Got a Hope

Released May 2006