This Much I Understand (Digital)

This Much I Understand (Digital)

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Download the whole album in either wav or mp3 format. (Note, this title is only available digitally as a full album.)

A benchmark album from one of the most affecting communicators in any genre, it should be warmly embraced by those who are moved by literate songs delivered with emotional intensity– Billboard Magazine

  • Produced by Dan Marnien and Carolyn Arends
  • Arends wrote or co-wrote all 12 songs
  • Recorded at Randy Bachman’s Satl Spring Island studio wtih a stellar cast of studio musicians, including Shawn Pelton (SNL), Michael Rhodes (Shawn Colvin), Jeff Trott (Sheryl Crow), Greg Leisz (Emmylou Harris), and Gordon Kennedy (Pierce Pettis)
released March 23, 1999

1. Happy
2. Life is Long
3. Life and Death
4. The Day Will Never Come
5. Surprised by Joy
6. One-Syllable Words
7. Even the Wallflowers
8. In Between
9. Love You Out Loud
10. Go With God
11. In Good Hands
12. We've Been Waiting For You
Looking for the physical CD? It's out of print, but several of the songs are on the Seize the Day and Other Stories CD.